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No Piano? No Problem!

Christopher can supply one of the latest, top-rated digital pianos - a Yamaha CP4 to be precise! - for your Wedding or Event. Yamaha have always led the way for the development of fantastic sounding pianos, both acoustic and digital models - and the piano Christopher uses is no exception. Sampled from the sound of a real concert grand piano, his digital piano has a full range keyboard with fully weighted keys. 


A few clips of a few standards on my new Yamaha CP4. One of the best sounding digital pianos around.

Posted by The Cambridge Pianist on Monday, 27 July 2015

Together with stool and other equipment, the total space Christopher and his piano occupies is approximately 2 metres squared. It is also worth bearing in mind that additional clearance might be desirable in some situations to allow for good sound dispersal. As can be seen from the picture above, the piano is 'dressed' with a black satin drape, and blends perfectly into the background of a room or venue. See below for various pictures of Christopher's piano taken in situ at Weddings/Events.


Christopher's piano has its own built in amplification, but he also supplies 2 other Mackie amplification systems (Mackie are renowned for their high quality, professional sound):

  1. Two small additional speakers that remain hidden beneath the Piano: ideal for smaller gatherings, Ceremonies, and private houses
  2. Two additional mid-size speakers (that can be mounted on stands) which are idea for larger gatherings, Wedding Breakfasts, large outdoor spaces.

Each system can be used on its own or simultaneously. This flexibility means that the situation that can occur with less experienced performers is avoided: the music is never too loud or too quiet, or 'in the face' of some poor guests at a Wedding Breakfast table, for example! Christopher can guarantee that the music will be both audible, but unobtrusive, with depth and warmth.

Moving and Setting Up

If your venue has stairs then some assistance moving into place is always appreciated! Otherwise, Christopher is able to move and set-up easily, and usually within 15 minutes. For 'quick moves' - for example, during a Wedding Day - an additional one or two persons can reduce this time to within 5 minutes. Although Christopher's piano is mains powered, setting up outside is no problem - fine weather permitting - and Christopher can supply a 30 metre extension cable which is sufficient in most situations.

Some Pictures

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All electrical equipment that Christopher supplies has been fully tested and issued with the required PAT certification, which is available on request. Many venues require evidence of this in advance. Christopher also has full public liability insurance.

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